All products manufactured by NILO are fully approved by the General Chemical State Laboratory. Moreover, the company has Quality System Certificate Standard EN ISO 9001/2000 since 21-07-2003 with registration number 0101024 and GMP ISO 22716:2007 with registration number 03415001.

The Quality Control Department is one of the most vital parts of the company’s organization, since the application of scientific methods, fully control and monitor the production process, from the raw material stage, up to the storage of finished products, ensuring traceability and quality.

Environmental Management Policy

Our company “D. PAPAMICHAIL & SIA E.E”-NILO is fully aware of the importance of the services that it provides, both to our client-companies and to the wider community, and is therefore committed to fully complying with existing national & local legislation, keeping abreast of any changes and developing according to the demands of technology, continually improving its services by updating all procedures and methods employed in the provision of services and the manufacture of products.

For all the above reasons, the NILO Group has secured certification with an Environmental Management System according to Standardization ISO 14001, which includes all practical tools and framework to manage our company’s environmental responsibilities. Thus NILO:

•    Reviews and deals with all the environmental aspects of its activities, determining and organizing action programs aimed at the improvement of its environmental attitude, therefore  minimizing or even eliminating all the environmental impacts that are potentially caused by any business activity.
•    Remains committed to constantly implementing, monitoring, and improving all environmental measures that have been established.
•    Sets and determines annual goals for all the measurable standards concerning its environmental attitude.
•    Records and assesses the way clients and colleagues react and respond to the Environmental Management System.
•    Checks and reviews the effectiveness of all operations.
•    Ensures a technologically excellent and safe working environment as well as proper conditions for personnel.
•    Organizes educational and training programs for all its executives, with the emphasis on environmental awareness as well as Health and Safety issues.

Our company undertakes to fully implement its Environmental Policy, at the same time ensuring that it is well understood and thoroughly comprehended at all levels as well as properly applied by all our staff that have been specially trained for it.

ISO 9001

ISO 22716

ISO 14000