• VELVET laundry liquid detergent for washing machine and handwashing
    Manufactured through a spray-drying process, this is an all-temperature highly soluble product with homogeneous grain distribution which also contains active blue granules.

    Velvet professional powder is characterized by its smooth and pleasant “mountain spring” scent. Ensures long-lasting whiteness using optical brighteners. Contains colour stabilizers.

    Suitable even for use in hard water thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients and effective building system which ensures low water hardness ion concentration.
  • VELVET liquid laundry detergent with pure Marseilles soap
     The term “Marseille soap” first appeared in the 16th century when a special soap made with natural olive and citron oil was produced in Marseille, Southern France.
    Velvet Marseilles liquid combines tradition and know-how to develop a highly effective modern product demonstrating the natural characteristics of Marseilles soap. It gently washes fabrics removing all tough stains without damaging fibres.
    A liquid detergent with an innovative formula, it is suitable for both hand and washing machine use. Excellent results on dark colours, leaving no residue.
    Gives clothes a pleasant fragrance. Appropriate for woollen and delicate garments. With unforgettable nostalgic scents, this perfect product guarantees high quality and freshness to all your clothes.