• HLOREX Thin bleach
    Hlorex is synonymous with ultimate power and whiteness. Easily removes stains, smudges and dirt.

    Its active chlorine ingredient has a complete cleaning action which guarantees the removal of bacteria, funguses and viruses, ensuring a clean and hygienic living space. Produces excellent results on every kind of surface (tiles, marble, sinks, plumbing and cookers). Used daily Chlorex removes all sources of infection, leaving only a sense of total cleanness.

    2 types available: Regular and Scented
  • HLOREX ULTRA thick bleach
    Hlorex Ultra is a concentrated thick bleach with a special formula that guarantees optimum cleanness.

    Provides excellent results on every type of surface (tiles, marble, sinks, plumbing and cookers).

    Concentrated bleach formula remains on surfaces for longer, giving the best cleaning and disinfection results. Daily use of Hlorex Ultra removes all infections to leave a sense of absolute freshness and cleanness.